Piano FAQs

What You Should Expect From The Supplier Of Your New Piano

NEVER accept delivery of your brand new instrument in its original crate! If it arrives crated, it has not been serviced.

A new piano needs to be serviced, regulated and tuned at least twice before it is delivered. As is the case with any other strung instrument, the new strings stretch continually, and the piano will require 4-5 tunings in its first year. By that time they should settle.

The whole piano should be thoroughly checked through before delivery to alleviate unnecesary problems and frustrations, such as notes sticking on keyboard felts which are too high.

It should be regulated to ensure precision in the action, and even tone and touch.

You should receive at least one free in-house tuning after delivery, not necessarily immediately. The piano should arrive at its new home IN TUNE. (The piano will not lose its tuning because of the move.) The piano tuner should be able to tone the piano to suit its new environment.

Always enquire whether delivery is included in the purchase price. Any piano purchased at "Piano Pleasure" will be delivered within 100km FREE OF CHARGE.

Caring for your piano

Your piano has been designed to produce excellent tone and offer lasting value. You can keep your piano in quality condition with a combination of minimal home care and professional servicing. 

All pianos are complex, delicate instruments, constructed with natural elements and are therefore sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. It is important to follow a few maintenance rules to protect your instrument. By following these few simple steps you will keep your piano in perfect condition and will reap years of playing satisfaction!

Choosing the best location for your piano

The piano should be placed out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and definitely NOT OVER UNDERFLOOR HEATING. Excessive heat will cause the wood to dry out and possibly crack up. It will affect the tuning of the instrument, and may cause the tuning pins and centre pins to work loose. It will also destroy the finish on the outside of the piano.

Professional Service

In the first year of owning a new piano, it is advised that you have it tuned four times. It is vital that your piano be tuned by an experienced professional and at Piano Pleasure our expertise in this area is matchless! 

After the first year, your piano should be tuned at least once a year, depending on the frequency of use. But you should service your piano regularly.

Outside Effects on your piano

Your piano may have a fine furniture finish, but it is not a piece of furniture and should not be treated this way. Do not place ornaments or vases on the top of your piano, they may create vibrations which will cause un-complimentary sounds. A spill from a vase of flowers could cause damage to the finish or the piano's internal parts.

Cleaning your piano

Do not use liquid or paste waxes, or any oily polish as these will streak the finish on the piano and dull the ultimately dull the tone as the oily vapours have a way of sneaking into the piano. Simply use a light, non-oily, spray type cleaner, which is suitable for all surfaces (including glass), or just a soft, damp cloth. High shine pianos need only be wiped with a damp cloth. Never use any kind of soap.